Venue pick: Casa Cavalieri di Rodi in Rome

Venue pick: Casa Cavalieri di Rodi in Rome

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Venue pick: Casa Cavalieri di Rodi | Rome, Italy

What is it?

Located on the ruins of the Forum of Augustus, this is the ancient seat of the Roman priorate- the Order of the Knights of St. John from Jerusalem. Built in the 12th century and restored in the 15th century, the palace contains impressive sculptures from the ancient Forum and a loggia with panoramic views, where guests can enjoy refreshments. Enhance the experience with a private tour of the venue and of the Chapel (in combination with the Passetto of the Forum) and an Ancient Rome Guided Experience. Wow effect granted!

Why we love it?

– Location, location, location, right in the middle of the action!
– Breath-taking view over the Roman ruins
– Offers what guests expect to experience when visiting Rome: Rich history and culture
– Stunning setting

Recommended for: Corporate Gala dinners for 100 persons


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