What’s Trending in Singapore?

What’s Trending in Singapore?

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Linda Low

Modern, technological, multicultural…always attractive, always leading the list of Top destinations for meetings and events in Pacific World’s Destination Index, Singapore always has something new to offer…

What’s trending in Singapore? What are meetings and event planners demanding?

Linda Low, Strategic Partnership & Product Marketing Manager in Singapore, give us some answers

Q: What are clients demanding more of in Singapore?

A: These days, many events have travelled the world, hence, the experience expectation bar is raised year after year.  Clients like the advanced infrastructure and facilities in Singapore, as well as the cultures and heritage preserved in this modern city.  They come attracted by the image of Singapore as a modern, technological city offering the best of oriental and occidental culture. When international meeting and event planners consider Singapore for a program, they are looking for immersive experiences that in some way connect with this preconceived idea of the city. This idea will be reinforced during this year considering that Singapore have plans to become the smartest city in the world.
Gadgets that increase interaction among guests or that enhance the experience during an activity and event are suggested by our creative team. The programs crafted sometimes combine an updated version of conventional activities with a creative twist, including interaction with locals and technology that facilitate the activity or in some way improve the experience.
There has also been an increased demand for out-of-ballroom venues such as heritage buildings, outdoor spaces, etc.

Q: What’s your preferred venue for events in Singapore and why?

A: I personally like Singapore museums, as they make a coveted venue for corporate events such as product launches, fashion shows, welcome cocktails, gala dinners, workshops, networking sessions and more.  The intimate setting of museums inspires creativity in the planning of events and use of spaces compared to conventional ballrooms.  Furthermore, with exhibits forming the backdrop of the gallery, museums set a unique mood for events with a twist.

Q: What venues and activities are perfect for incentives in Singapore? If you could choose a one day program, what would be included?

A: A secret themed dinner will add excitement and surprises to an incentive program.  There is almost no boundary to the creativity component in planning such dinners which can be held either indoor or outdoor.

A Secret Garden Party could be a highlight of any incentive in the city and is one of my favorite ideas we have created for our clients.

An unusual and stunning outdoor venue hides an unexpected surprise… A creative invitation will be delivered in advance to the guests together with clues about the event (leaves, grass and information about the guessing game). The name and location of the venue will be a secret that the attendees will need to discover. After solving simple and funny challenges, the groups will arrive the Secret Garden, surrounded by nature, with elegant and creative décor of plants and flowers, they will taste a delicious and unusual dinner: Plant seeds for the appetizer, meat & vegetables for main, flowers for desserts, and fruits for cocktails. A creative food presentation incorporating plants, flowers, leaves, fruits will surprise and delight the guests!

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