TOP FRESH Ideas 2017 Sneak Peek! Trendiest 2018 Destinations

TOP FRESH Ideas 2017 Sneak Peek! Trendiest 2018 Destinations

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TOP FRESH Ideas 2017
Sneak Peek! 2018 Trendiest Destinations 

WHICH were the most successful FRESH Ideas in 2017?
WHAT destinations are the most demanded for 2018?

In this edition we are highlighting THE BEST OF 2017 by revealing our most successful FRESH Ideas and giving a sneak peek of THE TRENDIEST 2018 destinations for meetings, incentives and events.


SPAIN –  Malaga | Come and meet Juanito. 

Get a taste of the “real Andalucia” while the charming and funny, Juanito hosts you through his finca.​ 

Your host invites you to discover Southern Spain, the ‘real Andalusia’ while wandering through a whitewashed village…

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INDIA | Sheroes Hangout Café 

Witness how brave women turns from victims to heroes.

The name (she-heroes) derives from an all-girl team of acid attack victims. Help raising awareness of their experience and support the courage of their local community.


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PERU | The Master Hatter of Maras 

Experience this welcoming place, get to know its people and learn about a fascinating yet unsung activity.

Maras, the village in the province of Urubamba is famous for its singular pink salt pans which are in used since the days of the Inca Empire…


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HONG KONG | The Fading Culture of Hong Kong 

Discover the transitions of Hong Kong living culture.

One of the last chances to see how life used to be in Hong Kong old city. Let Mr. Wong, a former greengrocer, bring you to the streets revealing the old ways of life in this modernized city.


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INDONESIA | Water, the gift of love 

Teach water purification in the remote villages​.

Learn the basics of water filtration from water management engineers.
Travel to remote villages and give locals a chance to improve their lives…

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SOUTH OF FRANCE – MONACO | The French Riviera Touch 

Enjoy slow living, slow driving, slow food and sweet emotions.

Drive the most “Frenchy” and mythical old car the 2CV. Discover breath-taking scenic roads overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

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2018 Destinations

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