TOP 5 conference energizers

TOP 5 conference energizers

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Are you looking for creative ways to energize yoru next meeting or conference?

Our global team reveal their TOP 5 conference energizers, tools and experiences that will help meeting planners to achieve their goal. Have a look!

Break the ice by throwing the ball in the air!

Fun and loveable way to lower social barriers is to use microphone you can throw. Great kick start to get attendees to participate and interact from the very beginning. Delegates will be turned into speakers and conference ambassadors. Be the speaker rather than a good listener. These new innovative microphones have changed the goals of meetings and events and will create new challenges for meetings planners. Tools like Catch Box, Q-Ball are new ways to facilitate the interaction in meetings.

Recommended for:
Conferences and Congresses with young and middle age attendees and also for mixed age groups in any destination. A good way to get different demographic audiences to connect.

Recommended for:
Conferences with young audiences hoping to be surprised!  Flash Mob energised one of our meetings only last month in Paris! A great success and well received.

Your own Flash Mob!

When your audience least expects… whilst they are enjoying a cup of coffee, waiting to be registered or gathering to sit down in a conference room, the dancers, disguised as venue staff, will begin their interactive and upbeat routine that will end up onto the stage. To end the routine in a memorable way, the dancers could relay the key message or key alphabets!

Tai Chi Class for everyone

Tai Chi is a centuries‐old Chinese practice that is designed to exercise mind and body through a series of gentle, flowing postures that will create kind of a synchronized dance and will improve the flow of what the Chinese call “qi” ‐ the life energy thought to sustain health and calm mind.
Starting with a 10 minute tai-chi performance, Tai-chi masters will then engage the delegates in a short 5 minute session.
Designed to refresh one’s well-being and balance one’s “qi”, this activity helps delegates to focus to their energy and calmness and preparing for the conference day ahead.

Recommended for:
Any congresses, conferences and meetings. Perfect match with an Asian destination but also a great idea for surprising delegates at any other destination in Europe and Middle East.


Photo © MIKI Yoshihito, licensed Creative Commons Attribution.

Recommended for:
Simple, hand-written messages will give more personal touch to the meeting and conference. Suitable for any kind of audiences, everywhere!


Create your own post-it message board

Create a message board for delegates to share their thoughts, to view messages of others and even to have a conversation about the meeting, conference or congress logo!
A station is set-up where the guests can write their thoughts and views either on post-it or directly on the board. Making it more lively, have an interactive conversation or riddles and tie in with the speakers or presenter’s key notes.  A cost effective and creative option to incorporate to your next meeting or conference!

Play the music, feel the rhythm!

Percussion music is the simplest way of having fun! Offer delegates a chance to create their own harmonies by using instruments or their own body! Body Rap could be fun and effective. If you choose the option with instruments, then why not adapt the experience to a specific destination theme (African drums, drums combined with Spanish “cajon” etc). For bigger congresses there is a cost effective, simple and fun solution: Boom Time! Coloured plastic tubes that you can whack against anything and produce a note… or noise! Get lots of people together with lots of tubes and you have perfect ingredients for a whole lot of fun – and a great example of team work in action!

Recommended for:
Any congresses and meetings, especially those with different demographic segments.



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