The Pagoda Festival: Mysticism and Magic in Myanmar

The Pagoda Festival: Mysticism and Magic in Myanmar

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FRESH Idea by Pacific World
The Pagoda Festival Mysticism and Magic in Myanmar

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Appreciation, Impressiveness, Fascination

Community, Strength, Friendliness

The Experience

Destination: Maynmar

The Experience:

  • Immerse yourself in the local celebrations at the largest annual Pagoda festivals in the Shan State.
    This colourful festivity takes place over two weeks in October at Inle Lake.

    Give your guests the chance to enjoy Myanmar’s mystic vibe and magic in your next incentive.
  • Marvel at the beauty of each village and greet four Buddha images while on a tour round the Lake in a gilded barge pulled by hundreds of leg rowers.
  • Admire the Shan dancers and martial arts experts performing on a ceremonial boat. Watch and absorb from a private boat for your group, as the locals from different villages compete and show off their skills and strengths in the boat races.
  • After a day of festivities, take your guests to savour the flavours of a traditional dinner with views over the lake.​

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