GREECE | The Greek Breakfast: Intangible Cultural Heritage

GREECE | The Greek Breakfast: Intangible Cultural Heritage

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FRESH Idea by Pacific World
The Greek Breakfast | Intangible cultural heritage of Mankind


Excellence. Tradition. Innovation. Creativity.

Education. Discovery. Knowledge. Traditional.

The Experience

Destination: Greece

The Experience:

  • Get the chance to know and taste at breakfast the wealth of the Greek gastronomic tradition, discovering the gastronomic diversity of the different Greek regions, while having a conversation with the successful career women and men who made a difference within the hectic Greek economic climate.
  • Be part of a project that brings together producers and consumers, and learn about ways of production and discover the landscape and the natural surroundings where each flavour is produced.
  • Rediscover the wealth of the Greek diet and the luxury of freshly picked produce and genuine, home-made dishes, to set you up for a productive day at work or a day of vigorous exploration.

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