Thailand | Making Merit: A Journey of Peace.

Thailand | Making Merit: A Journey of Peace.

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FRESH Idea by Pacific World
Thailand | Making Merit:: A journey of Peace


Inspired, Uniqueness, Peacefulness

Balance, Development, Spirituality.

The Experience

Destination: Bangkok

  • Immerse in one of the most beautiful Buddhist traditions. Merit-making is fundamental for Buddhist ethics. Merits brings good and agreeable results, contributes to a person’s growth towards enlighten.
    Through this experience we offer you and your guests the chance to participate in the rituals and make merit offering a Sangkatan to the thai Buddhist monks.
  • Sangkatan is often made in the form of a container filled with useful commodities such as dried food, soap, toothpaste, razors and medical supplies.
  • A set of merit making will be prepared for you according to the Thai culture. To finish the process, you will be required to offer a libation – by pouring water from one container into another and dedicating the merit to your loved ones. While the monk continues to chant, ensure that all the water is poured into the second container.
  • As the session commemorates, the monk will pray for your good luck and sprinkle blessing water in return. Feel the divine blessing!

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