“Taiwan, the heart of Asia”


Beautiful, modern, vibrant, historic- Taiwan, a hidden gem of Asia. A country of diversity offering stunning natural wonders, cultural heritage, amazing gastronomy and superb infrastructure. Known to be a place or warmth and great hospitality, Taiwan positions itself as an attractive destination for meetings, incentives and events in Asia.

Taipei, the capital city, with its world-class restaurants and night markets serving scrumptious local food in an environment of chaotic excitement and fun, it’s also a perfect destination to host international and regional meetings and conferences.

Taiwan also possess an endless variety of terrains, forests, agriculture, and marine ecologies with rich history and culture. These natural wonders together with the vast number of festivals, offer plenty of unique experiences that can be designed to incentive travel groups looking to immerse in an authentic Asian environment. Guests will marvel and find peace on the stunning hills of Hehuanshan Mountain and enjoy the glistering lake while cruising along the scenic Sun Moon Lake. Adventurous people can choose to hike in the stunning Troko Gorge National Park with the nature. Those looking for an off-the-beaten track experience should head to the green villages (included in the Top 100 Green Destinations) to practice organic farming and discover how the locals work to reduce the pollution.

Due to increasing demand, Taiwan has gradually been increasing MICE venues that meet international standards. Taiwan is globally renowned for its highly-developed 3C industry. Needless to say, the integration of social media and technologies such as APPs, QR-Codes, Facebook, RFID, and free-of-charge Wi-Fi have been applied to MICE activities, offering advanced, convenient, and real-time services to MICE visitors. Aside from those hardware advantages, international business travelers to Taiwan will also be highly impressed by Taiwanese people’s hospitality, superior efficiency, and professional services.

The enormous variety of typical Taiwanese snacks is unique in the world and most perfectly illustrates the important place that the food culture takes into the lives of the Taiwanese people. Taiwan is also known for its towering mountains and thus seen to be heavily dotted with mountainous peaks that rise well above 3000 metres. On the other hand, the beautiful coastal landscapes are also a part of Taiwan’s greatest assets. Taiwan is a breathtaking island which is a host to a variety of terrain such as green mountains with rich flora and fauna, sea, natural hot springs and a lake surrounded by forests. Taiwan is home to 9 national parks and 13 national scenic areas.

Taiwan is appealing to:


Companies looking for a high-tech destination

Taiwan is identified as highly-developed for its 3C industry- Computer, Communications and Consumer Electronics. Hence, the integration of social media and technologies commonly applied to meetings and conferences. Taipei, the capital city, is a major center for technological production and development.

Highly Competitive Industries

An ideal place to hold highly specialised meetings and events with the presence of many professionals and experts, technology, and R&D strength in various sectors. Research in the area of IT and medicine are recognized to be higher than its neighbours in Asia too. In addition, Taiwan’s IT and communication, optoelectronics, semi-conductor, and bicycle industries are greatly competitive worldwide with comprehensive industrial clusters formed locally for those industries.


Incentives seeking thrilling multi-sensory itineraries

Exquisite gastronomy, rich cultural heritage, unique festivals, magnificent architecture, friendly people, Taiwan has it all to reward visitors.
The ancestor of the island’s indigenous people creates a diversity of ethnic cultures along with enchanting human customs and practices. Walk down the streets of Taiwan and you will find yourself among the well-preserved historical buildings with sentimental value.

A paradise for nature-lovers

Nine Natural Parks blessed with a diverse range of exquisite beauties, each corner of Taiwan breathes a different story. From endless variety of terrains, forests, agricultural products, and marine ecologies, be prepared to have a wholesome encounter with Taiwan’s nature.


Events seeking an authentic experience of Asia

Beautiful inspired themed evenings will delight your delegates in an experience that embraces Taiwanese rich culture with the all the comfort of a modern city. The destination offer an unusual combination of modernism, culture and traditions.

Clients seeking the ultimate wow factor for special events in ancient and cutting-edge venues

Amazing museums, unique tea houses where enjoy not just tea but experience Taiwanese culture. Creative and innovative spaces where celebrate artistic events…

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