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FRESH Idea by Pacific World CHINA | Zhujiajiao: Step back in time in Shanghai floating villages. Emotions: Tranquility. Optimism. Fascination. Values: Knowledge. Discovery. Interaction. The Experience Destination: Zhujiajiao | China Escape from the city and modern skyscrapers and be re-energized by tranquility and a slow-paced life The Experience: Walk across specially built bridges and hop on a traditional Chinese fishing boat as you sail on the canal that connects villages. Immerse yourself in the traditional chinese culinary culture while doing grocery shopping in the traditional market of 500 years...

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FRESH Idea by Pacific World KOREA | Temple Food: eating to heal mind and body Emotions: Engagement. Thought-Provoking. Values: Balance. Engagement. The Experience Destination: Seoul The Experience: Discover how to cook temple food by a Buddhist monk.  Cook and Learn. Not only new recipes but also the secrets behind what makes temple food unique. Heal your body. Temple food focuses on eating seasonally, at the right time,  proportionately and avoiding meat. Temple food is believed to purify the body through eating healthy naturally produced ingredients. By doing so,  you may purify...

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Have you ever thought about rewarding your guests by building a surprise experience into your next incentive program?  The wholeness and wellness concept in India lends itself perfectly to this. Over the years, India has proved to be one of the most fascinating spa destinations in the world. From the Himalayas to the backwaters of Kerala, India boasts world class spa resorts. A wellness experience combined with yoga, meditation and self-reflective activities in the country promises to refresh your guests...

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