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#PWINSPIRE - Inspiring events and programs by Pacific World Experiences Creators… Using unconventional environments to increase engagement in Danang - Vietnam Client sector: Hospitality Industry Type of program: Sales Incentive Highlights: A full experiential program including cultural and gastronomic activities where participants get to engage and learn the local artisans and merchants in Hoi An. The floating bar on board of the typical bamboo basket boats along the river, and the informal dinner on the paddy rice were memorable. The stunning gala dinner with a live...

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FRESH Idea by Pacific World Good Morning Vietnam! Emotions: Passion, Fun, Enjoyment Values: Health, Respect, Culture The Experience Destination: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam Sample the real Saigonese Sunday morning in the park SOAK-UP the real Sunday morning atmosphere in the park while interacting with the locals! PRACTICE Tai Chi, an ancient form of exercise using slow, smooth body movements to achieve a state of relaxation of body and mind, with Ms. Chau, Pacific World’s exclusive Tai Chi master DISCOVER and learn how to practice Vovinam with the multi...

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