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FRESH Idea by Pacific World MONACO: No Finish Line – Jogging For a Cause Emotions: Enthusiasm, Fulfillment. Values: Teamwork, Achievement. The Experience Destination: Monaco Involve your team for a common engagement: Combine a healthy sport activity together with a charity donation​ Every year in November, an event under the haut patronage of Prince Albert II, « No Finish Line », takes place in the Principality of Monaco.​ The Principle is simple: run or walk on a 1400m circuit that is open 24h for 8 days, as many times...

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FRESH Idea by Pacific World INDONESIA | BALI: Clean Water Project Emotions: Fulfillment, Enthusiasm, Excitement. Values: Teamwork, Unique, Achievement. The Experience Destination: Bali Team Work with the local Community​ Thousands of people in Indonesia have no access to clean drinking water. Tap water is unfortunately not really drinkable in Bali, which is why most people drink clean water from plastic bottles – a major polluter of our eco system and the oceans. However, there are easy, affordable and sustainable methods to bring simple filtering systems to the people. These...

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