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FRESH Idea by Pacific World PERU | The Master Hatter of Maras Emotions: Amazement, Unique, Respect Values: Appreciation, Sense of belonging, History The Experience Destination: Maras - Peru Experience this welcoming place, get to know its people and learn about a fascinating yet unsung activity. The Experience: Maras, the village in the province of Urubamba is famous for its singular pink salt pans which are in used since the days of the Inca Empire. Hats are widely used by men and women living in the Andes and they...

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FRESH Idea by Pacific World Be a cartoonist for one day...in Paris Emotions: Artistic, Creative, Rewarding Values: Teambuilding, Reliability, Solidarity The Experience Destination: Paris Who can speak best of comics than a Belgian cartoonist? Would you like to create your own comic? Comic exhibition at  the Grand Palais! Often referred to as "the father of the European comic strip", Hergé was one of the first French-speaking authors to use American-style comic strips with speech bubbles. Take your guests to look back on his creative approach, fed by the cinema, painting, photography and adventure novels and his passion for drawing....

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