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FRESH Idea by Pacific World JEJU ISLAND​ | SOUTH KOREA Find your wellness in a maze Emotions: Fun, Engaging, Wellbeing. Values: Team Work, Challenge, Culture Learning. The Experience Destination: Jeju Island Complete the challenges to solve Maze Land! Maze Land in Jeju represents the 3 emblatic symbols of Jeju (Rock, Wind and Women). In teams, try to escape the Maze Land by solving different challenges. Be prepared to venture and explore the 3 Maze representing the Jeju Rock, Wind and Jeju Diving Women in the subtropical landscape of...

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FRESH Idea by Pacific World KOREA | Temple Food: eating to heal mind and body Emotions: Engagement. Thought-Provoking. Values: Balance. Engagement. The Experience Destination: Seoul The Experience: Discover how to cook temple food by a Buddhist monk.  Cook and Learn. Not only new recipes but also the secrets behind what makes temple food unique. Heal your body. Temple food focuses on eating seasonally, at the right time,  proportionately and avoiding meat. Temple food is believed to purify the body through eating healthy naturally produced ingredients. By doing so,  you may purify...

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March 26, 2014 - USA recognized as key source market placing business in the region thanks to relaxed VISA requirements and a wide variety of flights available from major cities The recent global Destination Index Survey compiled by Pacific World (www.pacificworld.com), a leading Global DMC and event management organisation, has identified South Korea as one of the top MICE destinations. The research has pinpointed the USA as the key source market placing business in the region, with the majority of clients coming...

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