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The coolest Venue Pick: Vouliagmeni Lake| Athens - Greece Special selection by Grigoris Kafkias | M.I.C.E Supervisor, Greece What is it? Outdoor unconventional venues are “in” and celebrating an event at one of the many wonderful options available is a safe bet in a country with 350 sunny days. Stunning, unique, unexpected, the Vouliagmeni Lake will amaze event planners looking to surprise their guests with unconventional settings, layouts and formats, connecting them with the beautiful Mediterranean nature and its peaceful and serene atmosphere. Vouliagmeni Lake is...

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The coolest Venue Pick: Ancient Rome Set | Rome - Italy Special selection by Emanuele Pinna | Destination Manager Italy What is it? The stunning cinema studio it’s a safe bet for those event planners looking to surprise guests with an unconventional surrounding. It has been entirely transformed as the ancient Rome architecture style to immerse yourself in another age. Since 1937 the world famous Cinecittà Studios has been the center of the national film production. Offer your guests the chance to immerse in this venue, a...

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