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The coolest Venue pick: An adorable Urban Farm | Paris - France What is it?  This cozy former small train station on the outskirts of Paris was converted into a recycling concept-venue. The venue was rehabilitated and opened to the public keeping its authentic atmosphere. Its aim is to respect the urban environment by reducing consumption, recycling waste and reusing instead of disposing. This beautiful and unconventional place, offer different indoor and outdoor spaces that can be used for meetings and events....

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FRESH Idea by Pacific World Be a cartoonist for one day...in Paris Emotions: Artistic, Creative, Rewarding Values: Teambuilding, Reliability, Solidarity The Experience Destination: Paris Who can speak best of comics than a Belgian cartoonist? Would you like to create your own comic? Comic exhibition at  the Grand Palais! Often referred to as "the father of the European comic strip", Hergé was one of the first French-speaking authors to use American-style comic strips with speech bubbles. Take your guests to look back on his creative approach, fed by the cinema, painting, photography and adventure novels and his passion for drawing....

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March 23, 2015 - Rome, Paris, Strasbourg and Loire Valley identified as the most popular cities Pacific World (www.pacificworld.com), the integrated global DMC and Event Management organisation, has recently released its first Annual Destination Index Special Report, which identifies Italy and France as two of the top MICE destinations in the European, Middle Eastern and African (EMEA) region. The report shows that Rome’s current popularity is attributable to its conventional but reinvented venues and activities as well as the aggressive investment in...

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