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FRESH Idea by Pacific World Giving Back in Camden: London’s Unseen Borough Emotions: Compassion, Learning, Support Values: Understanding, Awareness, Empathy The Experience Destination: Camden Town, London Supporting Homelessness in London: Art & Music Walking Tour in Camden, London’s Unseen Borough · Explore the historical borough of Camden while supporting employment efforts for people who have previously experienced homelessness. · Camden is the centre of everything creative in London, from music to fashion to art! Let a local guide share first-hand knowledge of the history of contemporary music in Camden,...

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FRESH Idea by Pacific World TURKEY | Istanbul: Connect Through Music Emotions: Discovering, Inspiring Values: Culture, Authenticity, Tradition The Experience Destination: Istanbul, Turkey Helping Istanbul’s Displaced Minority Roma through music. · Uncover the community of Roma, known for their unique music and entertainment talents! Possessing the capability in exploring new grounds for entertainment, Roma also preserves their culture. · Their local Music Academy is a way to preserve that culture and help in the development of the children. The Academy also trains and makes connections for kids to perform professionally​.​ · Design a...

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