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The coolest Venue Pick:  MONACO | A Magic and Sophisticated Circus Handpicked by Corinne della Rocca  | Senior Account Manager Pacific World Monaco What is it? Vintage, elegant, unique... Located in the western district of the Principality of Monaco and reclaimed from the sea, this space will amaze your guests. Espace Fontvieille consists of a tent and a 2000 m² usable esplanade. Since 1986 this cute circus tent is an institution, marking the sustainability of the flagship event for which it was created and designed at the...

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FRESH Idea by Pacific World The Pagoda Festival Mysticism and Magic in Myanmar Emotions: Appreciation, Impressiveness, Fascination Values: Community, Strength, Friendliness The Experience Destination: Maynmar The Experience: Immerse yourself in the local celebrations at the largest annual Pagoda festivals in the Shan State. This colourful festivity takes place over two weeks in October at Inle Lake. Give your guests the chance to enjoy Myanmar’s mystic vibe and magic in your next incentive. Marvel at the beauty of each village and greet four Buddha images while on a tour round the...

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