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FRESH Idea by Pacific World Diamond in the rough Emotions: Gratification, Compassion, Kindness Values: Compassion, Adaptability, Positivity The Experience Destination: Thailand Savour the taste of Thailand in the heart of Bangkok’s largest Slum Learning the secrets of Thai food in the heart of Bangkok’s Largest Slum This class is led by Khun Chompoo, the resident chef. Representing a remarkable model of success and positivity in an often stark and complex landscape of poverty and hardship, Khun Chompoo has trained up a stellar team of fellow residents. She was...

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FRESH Idea by Pacific World Aerial Feng Shui...in Hong Kong Emotions: Exclusive, Creative, Curious Values: Engagement, Knowledge, Organization The Experience Destination: Hong Kong Hong Kong from the sky: Aerial Feng Shui anyone? Feng Shui everywhere...An ancient Chinese system of summoning good luck, feng shui - literally wind and water, is part of the fabric of Hong Kong life. Shopping malls, office towers and homes draw on its principles in their design in an attempt to create prosperity. An unique Heli-experience: Understand how Feng Shui is practiced in Hong Kong through this aerial visit of...

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FRESH Idea by Pacific World Chic, Fabulous & Royal...in London Emotions: Exhilarating, Triumphant, Creative Values: Passion, Feelgood, Skillful The Experience Destination: London Create your own hat and become a world known fashionista! Royal Appointment: Royal Ascot is Britain’s most exciting horse racing event. Anticipated and revered, these five days are made for socialising. Long seen as a spectacle of fashion and style, they are referenced the world over. Each year the meeting is broadcast to audiences around the globe, yet to experience it in person is something altogether more special. Be...

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