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FRESH Idea by Pacific World HONG KONG | The Fading Culture of Hong Kong Emotions: Contribution, gratification Values: Community. Motivation. The Experience Destination: Indonesia The Experience: Discover the transitions of Hong Kong living culture. Let Mr. Chan, a former greengrocer, bring you back to the streets of old habits, in this modern city- Hongkong. While supermarkets has beccome the go-to for shopping nowadays, the traditional “Wet Market” is still remain as the housewife’s favourite place to buy their groceries. Changing the housing module in one night: The Government then launched the...

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FRESH Idea by Pacific World HONG KONG | The Awakening of Martial Art Hero Emotions: Exhilarating. Engaging. Exciting. Values: Justice. Honor. Traditional. The Experience Destination: Hong Kong The Experience: Venue will be set as a stunning movie scene. The famous Bamboo forest in the movie “Crouching Tiger Hidden Fragon”, the front of the Xiao Lin Temple or in the middle of the Forbidden City! Dress up like a Martial Art Hero with different characters: The Martial Art Hero, the waiters, or the Emperor of the Kingdom! Guests will be...

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FRESH Idea by Pacific World Aerial Feng Shui...in Hong Kong Emotions: Exclusive, Creative, Curious Values: Engagement, Knowledge, Organization The Experience Destination: Hong Kong Hong Kong from the sky: Aerial Feng Shui anyone? Feng Shui everywhere...An ancient Chinese system of summoning good luck, feng shui - literally wind and water, is part of the fabric of Hong Kong life. Shopping malls, office towers and homes draw on its principles in their design in an attempt to create prosperity. An unique Heli-experience: Understand how Feng Shui is practiced in Hong Kong through this aerial visit of...

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