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The coolest Venue Pick - 1933: Character and history | Shanghai - China Special selection by Violet Wang | Country Manager, PW China What is it? Located north from Shanghai’s downtown area, in Hongkou District, this charming old art deco venue was built in the times of pre-communist Shanghai. It was designed originally by British architects and built in the year 1933 by Chinese developers. The building was originally intended for use as a slaughterhouse but served a number of purposes over the years from...

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The coolest Venue Pick: A VINTAGE 1920 Distillery | France Special selection by Laure Le Pendeven | Senior Account Manager, PW France What is it? Built in 1903, this former distillery built with 8,600 sq.ft of metal and glass, conveys the architectural genius of the Gustave Eiffel age. Admire the ancient vats, imagine the gentle hiss of the pipes, and the bubbling in the copper stills... you will feel the history of the emblematic drink of the Roaring Twenties, symbol of a carefree epoch and...

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