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FRESH Idea by Pacific World Diamond in the rough Emotions: Gratification, Compassion, Kindness Values: Compassion, Adaptability, Positivity The Experience Destination: Thailand Savour the taste of Thailand in the heart of Bangkok’s largest Slum Learning the secrets of Thai food in the heart of Bangkok’s Largest Slum This class is led by Khun Chompoo, the resident chef. Representing a remarkable model of success and positivity in an often stark and complex landscape of poverty and hardship, Khun Chompoo has trained up a stellar team of fellow residents. She was...

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FRESH Idea by Pacific World Cultivating a children's smiles...in Greece Emotions: "Joyful. Gratifying. Fulfilling." Values: Natural. Environmental. Charitable. The Experience Destination: Greece Visit and tend to a traditional Greek farm all for a good purpose One of Attica’s most traditional verdant farms is waiting for you to try out your agricultural aptitude in a playful manner. This can be experienced either on your own (guided by the instructors) or with a group of enthusiastic children excited to take part in an unforgettable experience, thanks to you! Watering, weeding, hoeing and...

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