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FRESH Idea by Pacific World The Pagoda Festival Mysticism and Magic in Myanmar Emotions: Appreciation, Impressiveness, Fascination Values: Community, Strength, Friendliness The Experience Destination: Maynmar The Experience: Immerse yourself in the local celebrations at the largest annual Pagoda festivals in the Shan State. This colourful festivity takes place over two weeks in October at Inle Lake. Give your guests the chance to enjoy Myanmar’s mystic vibe and magic in your next incentive. Marvel at the beauty of each village and greet four Buddha images while on a tour round the...

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FRESH Idea by Pacific World UAE - Dubai | See the Future, Create The Future Emotions: Inspired, Intrigued, Amazed Values: Sustainability, Development, Inspirational. The Experience Destination: Dubai The Experience: Shaping the future and making it is no longer a theoretical concept but a key factor for countries to achieve competitiveness in the global arena. “The future is not built on possibilities and numbers but on clarity of vision, planning, action and implementation. Dubai Future Foundation plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of Dubai along aside the...

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FRESH Idea by Pacific World South Africa - Cape Town | Masiphumelele Community Project Emotions: Amazed, Intrigued, Happiness Values: Refresh, Challenge, Satisfaction. The Experience Destination: South Africa The Experience: Connect with the Masiphumelele community to help the community. In conjunction with NGO Phumlani Dlongwana’s Bicycling Empowerment Network, the community is promoting bicycles to enhance low-cost, non-motorised transport. Join them in the using of bicycle for your trip. Wander around the neighbourhood to witness the daily lives of the locals. Raise awareness on the importance of overall well-being, access to...

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