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FRESH Idea by Pacific World MONACO: No Finish Line – Jogging For a Cause Emotions: Enthusiasm, Fulfillment. Values: Teamwork, Achievement. The Experience Destination: Monaco Involve your team for a common engagement: Combine a healthy sport activity together with a charity donation​ Every year in November, an event under the haut patronage of Prince Albert II, « No Finish Line », takes place in the Principality of Monaco.​ The Principle is simple: run or walk on a 1400m circuit that is open 24h for 8 days, as many times...

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FRESH Idea by Pacific World SINGAPORE | A ThaiTai DayLah! Emotions: Creativity. Luxury. Hands On. Values: Self Improvement. Serenity. The Experience Destination: Singapore The Experience: After a long a sleep, kick out a lazy day with a short ride to an historic colonial bungalow amid a vastly green surrounding. In this ambiance redefined by unmistakeable rustic-luxe Asian character and flair: Enjoy a unique painting session: Himapan. This is the traditional Thailand's technic of painting on real lotus leaf. No technical skills are needed. Be guided by a bartender to mix...

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Credit: Jiuguang Wang
FRESH Idea by Pacific World SPAIN | Barcelona, city of second chances Emotions: Hope, Fulfilment, Compassion Values: Commitment, Respect, Community The Experience Destination: Barcelona Beautiful, stunning, cool and trendy, Barcelona is also home to thousands of tough stories. Thankfully many have been given a second chance in life, like our guide for this customised tour, a former homeless person, who goes back to the streets, to reveal hidden corners and anecdotes of the city! The Experience: The experience: A completely different route that takes you through Barcelona´s gothic quarter, the...

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