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FRESH Idea by Pacific World CHINA | BEIJING: Immerse in Beijing Opera, the Quintessence of China Emotions: Inspiring, Fun and Exciting. . Values: Unique local experience, arts & culture, interactive activity learning. The Experience Destination: China Beijing Opera is the quintessence of China. Having a history of 160 years, it has created many 'firsts' in Chinese dramas: the abundance of repertoires, the number of artists, opera troupes and spectators. Beijing Opera is developed from absorbing many other dramatic forms, mostly from the local drama 'Huiban' which was popular...

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FRESH Idea by Pacific World Giving Back in Camden: London’s Unseen Borough Emotions: Compassion, Learning, Support Values: Understanding, Awareness, Empathy The Experience Destination: Camden Town, London Supporting Homelessness in London: Art & Music Walking Tour in Camden, London’s Unseen Borough · Explore the historical borough of Camden while supporting employment efforts for people who have previously experienced homelessness. · Camden is the centre of everything creative in London, from music to fashion to art! Let a local guide share first-hand knowledge of the history of contemporary music in Camden,...

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