SPAIN | Barcelona Underground

SPAIN | Barcelona Underground

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FRESH Idea by Pacific World
SPAIN | Barcelona Underground


Risk. Liberation. Creativity

Artistry. Team-work. Open-mindedness.

The Experience

Destination: Barcelona | Spain

The Experience:

Borne & Gothic Underground Side- Take a stroll in an open-air art gallery in Barcelona City Centre. A historically rich neighborhood that showcases the classic and earlier examples of street art found all over the walls of the city.

Discover galleries, boutiques, and a few local bars with strong ties to the local street art scene.

Graffiti Workshop: Lead by an active street artist with 15 years of experience, participants can learn the basics and professional tips on how to handle and control spray paint.

Additionally, he will inspire the people to complete their very own graffiti and ensure its completion keeping the authenticity of the art piece. Refreshments will also be offered. You might be lucky enough to catch a graffiti artist performing– approximately 2 hours

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