Q&A with…Ville-Aleksi Mineur, Country Manager UK

Q&A with…Ville-Aleksi Mineur, Country Manager UK

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VilleMineur_LondonInspiring motivator, logistic lover, creative bookworm…in this short interview Ville-Aleksi Mineur, Country Manager of Pacific World UK, speaks about a destination that have been leading Pacific World Destination Index during the first 4 months in 2016.

Q: Why do you think is the reason of UK being top over and over again in the Destination Index?

A: London is one of the world’s top cities and even if you have been to London in the past, they are always new things to do and discover.

The city center is ever changing and skyscrapers such as the Shard and the Sky Garden with its unique concept will leave a lasting impression to first time visitors and regular travellers.

In addition, new up and coming area such as Shoreditch is great to explore and THE place to be if you want to discover quirky designers and sample pop up shops.

Q: Which markets and industry sectors are the most important right now and why? 

A: Currently, Europe is our strongest source market. In terms of industry sectors, I would say that pharmaceutical congresses are booming due to the expansion of ExCel London and also London’s strong appeal to these markets. However, we do get enquiries from various sectors as we do not limit ourselves and have experience working with all type of industries.

London is also a global travel hub, it is easy to connect from/to any London airports.  We have new direct flight routes opening this year to Peru, Costa Rica, Reykjavik and many other European destinations.

Q: Any destination on the rise in UK that you would recommend for those looking for not yet discovered places?

A: As expected, London is still the top destination but we have noticed an increased interest to visit the countryside or lesser known city such as Leicester. These are great destinations with potential and unique activities and could be a put forward as a wild card. Just ask us, we have worked and organised events in the most unusual places across the UK and Ireland!

Q: Any example of unusual experiences in UK and Ireland?

A: Fishing trip on Scottish Islands (Outer Hebrides), an event to a monastery in Northern England, a gala dinner on the Titanic (Titanic Experience in Belfast, Northern Ireland)…

Q: What new activity would you recommend for a meeting or incentive in your destination?            

A: In May, we are organizing an exciting day in Hyde Park, one of London’s largest park! We are bringing together 300 people from a Swedish construction company for a fun “School Sport Day”.

Crazy activities such as Egg-Spoon race and Tug of War games will be part of the program and we cannot wait to for the participants to feel energised and inspired by such surroundings.

May the best team win and let’s hope for a sunny day! But as always in London, wet weather solution will be provided.

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