PERU | The Master Hatter of Maras

PERU | The Master Hatter of Maras

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FRESH Idea by Pacific World
PERU | The Master Hatter of Maras


Amazement, Unique, Respect

Appreciation, Sense of belonging, History

The Experience

Destination: Maras – Peru

Experience this welcoming place, get to know its people and learn about a fascinating yet unsung activity.

The Experience:

Maras, the village in the province of Urubamba is famous for its singular pink salt pans which are in used since the days of the Inca Empire.

Hats are widely used by men and women living in the Andes and they make magnificent hats with traditional techniques.

The skill that the villagers possessed is an unspoken secret.

Meet Teodosio Argandoña, an experienced and respected master hatter, who will be delighted to demonstrate his skills.

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