Pacific World introduces #bringchangewithME

Pacific World introduces #bringchangewithME

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A Pacific World movement inviting clients to take their events at destinations to the next level focusing on social and environmental issues and impacts.

August, 2019 – Major IMEX exhibitor and leading global destination and event management company, Pacific World, is joining the environmental and social development focus that many destinations are driving today by empowering clients to use business events as a pathway to drive social change and economic development and redressing the negative impact of tourism at a grass roots level. With a ‘walk the talk’ approach and under #PWmovements, the company is initiating programs with social impact at key destinations that deliver practical and society driven outcomes with #BringchangewithME. More details of the programs will be shared at IMEX Las Vegas (September 9 to 12, 2019).

The initiatives being executed under #BringchangewithME are being developed with local industries and will continue to be focused on making connections at destinations to drive meaningful outcomes.

#BringchangewithME is a ground-up commitment to socially focused programs based on individual action. Through this movement, Pacific World wants to not only incorporate social elements into event programs but to start conversations that change mindsets as well as individual behaviors after events happen.

“Tangible event legacy has the power to truly create meaningful change through business events,” said Selina Sinclair, global managing director of Pacific World. As an example, Sinclair explained, “Hong Kong is expected to run out of space for waste within the next few years. Waste reduction and recycling programs are not just feel-good gestures, they are critical imperatives.”

Meeting and event attendees can join local volunteers to carry out this rewarding work. The #PW movements programs also provide memorable experiences for participants – creating opportunities for teambuilding and fostering better employee engagement, as well as personal satisfaction.

For example, ameliorating the damage from climate change and plastics pollution can seem an impossible task on an individual level, but Pacific World believes the #BringchangewithME movement will have a ripple effect and pave the way for sustainable development based on personal responsibility.

“The #BringchangewithME movement symbolizes Pacific World’s commitment not just to sustainable development at destinations but also to changing attitudes and behaviors in our own backyards. Delegates can find Pacific World at Booth A3414 during IMEX Las Vegas.


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