“Pacific World Myanmar can organise extraordinary events in Bagan, amongst the 3,000 temples that make up the most important archeological site in Asia. Not to be missed, Ngapali Beach is Myanmar’s idyllic beach destination, providing conference and meeting opportunities in a serene, quiet location”.


One of the most miss-understood countries in Asia, the real Myanmar offers grandeur hotels to go with the breathtaking landscape and immense cultural heritage, resulting in a destination packed with surprises for your MICE event.

With over 5 million arrivals recorded in 2015, Myanmar is slowly shedding its undiscovered tag line as it moves into a new age of travel. This transition opens up the vast potential that the country has in the MICE industry, with new experiences, hotels, and locations becoming available at an incredible rate.

For those looking to host conferences and events out here during this time, there is a real opportunity to be at the forefront of this transition, whilst simultaneously playing a key role in the country’s economic and international development.

In Myanmar, a luxury cruise along the Irrawaddy River will provide you with incredible insight into the countries hugely impressive history, while the streets of Yangon show off the relics of the colonial period.

Matching this history, with the lush green Shan hills, and the pristine white beaches on the Bay of Bengal, will provide you with an event that is ingrained with both cultural heritage and spectacular colours

The international spotlight has been firmly on Myanmar in the past year, as it enters into a new age in its history. With this new interest, has come immense investment, resulting in brand new hotels and conference centres being built throughout the country, enabling Myanmar to enter the MICE market with a big impact

Nowhere has this investment been more prevalent then in the countries gateway, Yangon. Here, you can escape the lively streets in internationally acclaimed hotels, take a seat at one of the many exciting new restaurants, and host your event in a newly renovated British colonial building in downtown Yangon.

The recently updated Yangon International Airport is now connected to over 20 cities worldwide, while the new eVisa system has meant applying for visas has never been easier. As a result, Myanmar is better connected with the outside world then ever before, meaning delegates can come and leave with effortlessness.

Pacific World Myanmar was formed in 2016, when Myanmar Polestar was welcomed into the Pacific World family. The team is one of the most experienced in the country, organising events and trips since the turn of the century. We are able to provide our vast knowledge, unforgettable experiences, and fresh creativity, in a country taking its first steps into the MICE market.

Myanmar is appealing to:


Conferences keen on integrating CSR into their program

Wildlife, culture, environment, health, heritage, you name it, Myanmar has a diverse and wide ranging selection of opportunities for those looking to help lead the country through its transition.

Organisers who like to think outside the box and visit a new country

The idea of hosting a conference in Myanmar a couple of years ago may have seemed far-fetched, but with advances in the countries technology and international development, be one of the first to organise a board meeting here.


A location that oozes cultural heritage

Bagan is the home of Burmese culture, ethnicity and is where Theravada Buddhism was established. Soar above the 3,000 temples that remain in a hot air balloon at dawn, while dining amongst the pagodas at sunset.

Absolute luxury mixed with a local perspective

Integrate a luxury cruise along the Irrawaddy River with visits to local ethnic villages along the banks. Combine a local cooking class with a stay at a 5* hotel on the shores of the picturesque Inle Lake. Myanmar fuses these contrasting experiences effortlessly.


Clients looking for historical venues

Yangon contains an unparalleled number of colonial-era buildings in South East Asia. Many, including the Strand Hotel and the Rowe and Co store, have been restored to their former glories, offering a magnificent venue for your event.

Clients looking to enhance an event with cultural dancing and traditional music

Myanmar dance and music has been engrained in the culture for centuries. Enjoy a drinks reception while listening to the melodious sounds of the Myanmar harp or organise a puppet show dance after a meal to really bring your event alive.

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