MONACO | The Hidden Luxury of the French Riviera

MONACO | The Hidden Luxury of the French Riviera

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FRESH Idea by Pacific World
MONACO | The Hidden Luxury of the French Riviera

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Curiosity. Rarity. Privacy.

Luxury. Simplicity. Authentic.

The Experience

Destination: Saint Honorat Island | Monaco

The Experience:

Board a superb yacht to enjoy the fantastic panorama view of the French Alps falling down deeply into the Blue sea.
Cruise along St Honorat Island and witness one of the most amazing spot of the Côte d’Azur in the bay of Cannes.

A heap of rocks covering the throne of Majesty Saint Honorat in the Mediterranean Sea, is also directly opposite Cannes, the famous film festival city!
This island shelters the Lerins Abbey, where monks live and transformed the place into a sparkling paradise, an oasis of silence and jewel of nature.

Since the middle age, the monks have been taking good care of their vineyard with art and passion. From trimming to harvesting the vines, ensuring that the wine produced are exceptional and excellent, only can be found at the Abbey.

Gourmet lunch are served under the pines trees in the restaurant La Tonelle… A haven of peace with a relaxed, convivial atmosphere, offering views over the crystal clear Mediterranean sea.

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