LONDON​ | UNITED KINGDOM: Hidden Underground London

LONDON​ | UNITED KINGDOM: Hidden Underground London

  • 30 Apr Off

FRESH Idea by Pacific World
Hidden Underground London


Curiosity, Amazement, Fascinated.

Mysterious, History-filled, Secret.

The Experience

Destination: London

Discover this hidden secret and take a journey under the streets of London.

  • Descend into the former engineering depot of Mail Rail – the one hundred year old Post Office railway – board a miniature train and descend into the stalactite-filled tunnels. ​
  • Pass deep below Royal Mail’s sorting office, see the original and largely unchanged station platforms and be transported back in time.
  • Take in a theatrical experience that peels back the layers of time to the railway’s lively 1930s heyday. Complete the theme with dinner in Churchill War Rooms, or go on a private journey of London’s war time air raid shelters…​

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