Japan: Beyond the Ordinary

Japan: Beyond the Ordinary

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Our Creative team spent last week exploring Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. This amazing trip, organized by our strategic partner JTB Japan, fulfilled the needs of our team, looking for inspiring destinations, new and unconventional ideas for meetings, incentives and events. The trip included unforgettable experiences: Temple life, temple food: a private meditation session with a local monk in Kyoto, followed with a delicious lunch prepared for the monks and shared exclusively with our team; immersive experiences including fine dining and unique experiences where we even had the chance to meet and share experiences with one of the 106 remaining geishas of Kyoto!

We reveal the top 3 immersive experiences of our Japanese odyssey!

Temple life, Temple food in Kyoto

Have you ever wondered how Japanese monks live? This experience will take you through an amazing journey.

Guided by a local monk, you will have the chance to gain a unique insight into the life of the young monks, in addition to  learning and practicing effective meditation techniques. The experience concludes with a delicious vegetarian lunch, consisting of a balanced menu prepared according to the monks dietary needs and served to the group. Enhance the experience visiting the stunning bamboo forest on board a local rickshaw!

Get lost in the Fish Market in Tokyo

Have the chance to interact with the different local family shops in the World’s Largest Fish Market, discover the secrets of Japanese fishing techniques guided by a local fisherman. Taste fresh sushi in one of the small hidden typical sushi restaurants in the market.

Are you fascinated by the idea? If yes, you better hurry! The current Fish Market of Tokyo will be demolished in the next couple of years.



Dining with Geiko and Maiko

Would you like to discover true insights into the life of one of the most famous icons of Japan? This experience will allow you to dive deep inside the geiko’s (don’t ever call them geishas in Kyoto) life. What do geikos do during their daily life? What are their rituals and traditions? Discover this and many other mysteries with this exciting experience!

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