Insider Report! Hidden secrets of Barcelona: La Festival

Insider Report! Hidden secrets of Barcelona: La Festival

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Patricia Silvio
Marketing Manager
Reporting from Barcelona!

Hidden secrets of Barcelona: La Festival

Who’s Patricia?

Passionate for communication, marketing and events. Spontaneous and creative, I have a restless spirit and an active mind. I’m a Venezuelan living in Spain who loves exploring the world My dream? Be one of the Lonely Planet journalist, for now I enjoy looking for exciting experiences at all our destinations.

Looking for ideas for your next incentive or event in Barcelona, Spain? 

Come with me, take part on this discovery adventure! 

Gracia…Bohemian, alternative, unique!

Gracia, one of the most beautiful neighbourhood of Barcelona, a hidden gem for meetings and incentive planners waiting to be discovered.

Located few steps from Paseo de Gracia and Diagonal street, this little town has been changing over the years preserving his charm and personality.

Narrow streets, cozy shops, nice squares, popular food markets, artisants workshops…a cosmopolitan ambience in a small and charming area.

The perfect setting and atmosphere to create an unconventional Discovering Experience including challenges as interesting and different as beer and wine tasting, vermouth time, stops and local food shops at the food market, decoration workshop…

First stop: La Festival!

La Festival…a unique shop where wines have a leading role! Let’s have a look!

Taste artisant beer or create your own!

Small and cozy, this little shop and family business is a good option to consider.

Include an artisan beer challenge or organize a workshop where particpants will create their own beer!


Family Beer is one of the new business in the barrio (neighbourhood) but their owners have been living here for decades.

Lamps and mirrors…recycled! 

Gracia is full of cool spots. Interior designers have been opening their own business.

At Fulanitu i Menganita shop their passion is create beautiful decor pieces with reclycled material.


TIP! Create a workshop where particpants create their own lamp or mirror. Or just reward your guests giving them a voucher to choose their prefered item as a prize after overcome different challenges around the neighbourhood. 


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