INDONESIA | BALI: Clean Water Project

INDONESIA | BALI: Clean Water Project

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FRESH Idea by Pacific World
INDONESIA | BALI: Clean Water Project

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The Experience

Destination: Bali

Team Work with the local Community​

  • Thousands of people in Indonesia have no access to clean drinking water.
  • Tap water is unfortunately not really drinkable in Bali, which is why most people drink clean water from plastic bottles – a major polluter of our eco system and the oceans. However, there are easy, affordable and sustainable methods to bring simple filtering systems to the people.
    These systems will be brought by you and you group in collaboration with a non profit organization in Indonesia, dedicated to bring clean water to all people.​
  • In small teams, the groups will spread out to different villages to spend half day with the families and communities. Aside from learning together and installing the systems to filter water, you will also be able to learn and live the traditional compound living of the Balinese people, share a tasty homemade meal and help them with their daily tasks.

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