INDONESIA | Bali: Balinese lifestyle

INDONESIA | Bali: Balinese lifestyle

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FRESH Idea by Pacific World
INDONESIA | Bali: Balinese lifestyle


Curiosity. Serenity. Pleasure.

Sustainability. Sharing. Traditions.

The Experience

Destination: Bali | Indonesia

Have you ever wondered how it feels to live in a small village, away from the urban life, off the beaten track?

The Experience:

Discover and immerse in the Balinese way of living and become part of Bongkase, a small Balinese village.

Start the day right by having breakfast with the villagers. Take on a new identity by experiencing and taking part in their daily activities.

Challenge yourself by climbing up coconut trees and riding on buffalos before planting the rice in the field.

Learn about Subak, the unique and original water irrigation system for paddy fields.

Set your own fire with fire word and together with Mrs. Wayan as you prepare authentic and delicious local delicacies with Balinese cooking methods.

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