INDIA | Sheroes Hangout Cafe

INDIA | Sheroes Hangout Cafe

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FRESH Idea by Pacific World
INDIA | Sheroes Hangout Cafe

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Compassion, Daring, Support

Understanding, Inspiring, Resilience

The Experience

Destination: Agra – India

Witness how brave women turns from victims to heroes.

The Experience:

  • Next time you visit India, dine at the Sheroes Cafè in Agra. The name (she-heroes) derives from an all-girl team of acid attack victims.
  • The purpose of the cafe is to showcase woman empowerment, emulate others to not dwell on their unhappy past and step up to face the modern society.
  • Help raising awareness of their experience and support the courage of their local community.
  • Engage with the staff to understand how they managed to overcome their trauma. In addition, be motivated by them to be brave despite facing life’s greatest challenges.

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