LONDON​ | UNITED KINGDOM: Hidden Underground London
FRESH Idea by Pacific World LONDON​ | UNITED KINGDOM Hidden Underground London Emotions: Curiosity, Amazement, Fascinated. Values: Mysterious, History-filled, Secret. The Experience Destination: London Discover this hidden secret and take a journey under the streets of London. Descend into the former engineering depot of Mail Rail – the one hundred year old Post Office railway – board a miniature train and descend into the stalactite-filled tunnels. ​ Pass deep below Royal Mail’s sorting office, see the original and largely unchanged station platforms and be transported back in time. Take in...

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Venue Pick: ROMAN BATH RUINS| Rome – Italy
The coolest Venue Pick: ROMAN BATH RUINS| Rome - Italy Special selection by Emanuele Pinna Destination Manager, Italy What is it? Have a unique experience in the Roman baths ruins which were built under emperor Caracalla, and were finished in 216 A.D. Surrounded by the park the ruins are perfectly preserved and light effects in the night are unique. Classic music and special entertainment will make your experience feel as if you are living a dream. Why we love it? Unique atmosphere that will take the guests...

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Plastic Fishing: Your very own Canal #Trashtag challenge
FRESH Idea by Pacific World Plastic Fishing: Your very own Canal #Trashtag challenge Emotions: Satisfaction, Joy​. Values: Community, Awareness​​. The Experience Destination: Amsterdam Keeping the canel clean but instead picking up strange things instead! Your group is going to clean the canals with social enterprise Plastic Whale. You will sail the canals on boats (Dutch word for this type of boat is: sloep) completely made out of recycled plastic.​ Here social entrepreneur Marius Smit will tell his inspiring story. A unique mission to make the world’s waters plastic free.​ Stand...

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