Venue pick: Unique Historical Enclave | Penang – Malaysia
The coolest Venue pick: Unique Historical Enclave | Penang - Malaysia What is it?  Leong San Tong Khoo Kongsi, otherwise known as Khoo Kongsi, is a unique historical heritage enclave and it is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Penang, Malaysia. Khoo Kongsi is a clan association of the Leong San Tong Khoo Kongsi clan, whose ancestors came from Sin Kang clan village in Hokkien province, China. Khoo Kongsi, together with Cheah, Yeoh, Lim and Tan Kongsi, were known...

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MONACO: No Finish Line – Jogging For a Cause
FRESH Idea by Pacific World MONACO: No Finish Line – Jogging For a Cause Emotions: Enthusiasm, Fulfillment. Values: Teamwork, Achievement. The Experience Destination: Monaco Involve your team for a common engagement: Combine a healthy sport activity together with a charity donation​ Every year in November, an event under the haut patronage of Prince Albert II, « No Finish Line », takes place in the Principality of Monaco.​ The Principle is simple: run or walk on a 1400m circuit that is open 24h for 8 days, as many times...

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#bringchangewithME: Supporting Sustainable Development Worldwide
#bringchangewithME: Pacific World’s New Initiative Supports Sustainable Development Worldwide. September, 2019 - Pacific World has released further details of its ‘#bringchangewithME’ initiative at IMEX Las Vegas 2019. Pacific World, is “walking the talk” with #bringchangewithME, a ground-up commitment to help address social, economic and environmental problems through hands-on, meaningful activities at key destinations. Developed by its teams around the world, Pacific World hopes to create more meaningful experiences for clients, provide lasting benefits for each destination, and motivate...

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