India | Jaipur: Recipes to Relish
FRESH Idea by Pacific World India | Jaipur: Recipes to Relish Emotions: Discovering, Inspiring Values: Culture, Authenticity, Tradition The Experience Destination: India Amar Singh the erstwhile King of Kanota was a great gastronome and had developed many new cuisines during his time. The recipes from various places were experimented and compiled into 50 hand written books. Experience some of the exquisite delicacies hidden in these diaries which you will not find elsewhere, which are prepared under strict supervision of the Kanota family. ​ Interested in this creative idea? ...

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Special Report: Most Demanded & Visited Destinations
Special Report Pacific World Reveals Top Destinations in 2018 Mid-Year Review Spain, UK and France in Europe and Hong Kong, Thailand and Vietnam in Asia Pacific Capture MICE planners’ Attention Pacific World, the leading global destination and event management company, has released its mid-year review of the most demanded destinations in 2018. In Asia, the countries that have hosted most events in the last 6 months are Hong Kong, Thailand and Vietnam. In Europe, Spain leads the list with a remarkable performance by...

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THINK FRESH! By Pacific World China
Pacific World China presents THINK FRESH! What are the latest happenings in China? What are the coolest venues and activities for meetings, incentives and events? Our venues scouters and experience creators in China has the answers and will be sharing only the coolest and trendiest on a regular basis. New experiences, hand-picked venues, restaurants and hotels in Beijing, Shanghai and also in off track provinces. Ready to check the first updates? THINK FRESH! June edition     THINK FRESH! July edition Interested on getting the updates when released? Follow Pacific World...

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