UK | Decadence & Scandal of a Bygone Era
FRESH Idea by Pacific World UK| Decadence & Scandal of a Bygone Era Emotions: Luxury. Experiential. Relaxation.  Values: Discovery. Exclusivity. Traditional. The Experience Destination: United Kingdom The Experience: Get amazed by the Great British Countryside. The Great British Countryside it’s a love affair like no other, with Cliveden House, being a pinnacle of intrigue and glamour for the elite for centuries. Home to the infamous Profumo Affair that shook British Parliament in the 1960s, Cliveden is a stunning stately home and the perfect location for a Quintessentially British afternoon.Leaving...

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Gaudi before Gaudi | Pacific World Signature Event
Gaudi before Gaudi: Pacific World Signature Event A stunning city. An exclusive venue... A unique opportunity to discover and live new experiences... in Barcelona Interactive catering with creative touch, amazing historic spaces, inspiring ambience, a holistic experience. Gaudi before Gaudi was the first event hosted at this architectural masterpiece, his first creation, his manifesto house that opened its doors to a corporate event for the first time ever. An unforgettable evening where the Pacific World team surprised their top clients and partners in Barcelona during ibtm...

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GREECE | The Greek Breakfast: Intangible Cultural Heritage
FRESH Idea by Pacific World The Greek Breakfast | Intangible cultural heritage of Mankind Emotions: Excellence. Tradition. Innovation. Creativity. Values: Education. Discovery. Knowledge. Traditional. The Experience Destination: Greece The Experience: Get the chance to know and taste at breakfast the wealth of the Greek gastronomic tradition, discovering the gastronomic diversity of the different Greek regions, while having a conversation with the successful career women and men who made a difference within the hectic Greek economic climate. Be part of a project that brings together producers and consumers, and learn about ways of production and discover the...

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