INDONESIA | Water, the gift of love
FRESH Idea by Pacific World INDONESIA | Water, the gift of love Emotions: Contribution, gratification Values: Community. Motivation. The Experience Destination: Indonesia The Experience: Learn the basics of water filtration from water management engineers. Travel to remote villages and give locals a chance to improve their lives sharing your knowledge and training them on how to filtrate water and how this will positively affect the lives of their families and community. Interested in this creative idea? CONTACT US NOW! Seeking inspiration? Have a look at meetings, incentives and events...

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PERU | The Master Hatter of Maras
FRESH Idea by Pacific World PERU | The Master Hatter of Maras Emotions: Amazement, Unique, Respect Values: Appreciation, Sense of belonging, History The Experience Destination: Maras - Peru Experience this welcoming place, get to know its people and learn about a fascinating yet unsung activity. The Experience: Maras, the village in the province of Urubamba is famous for its singular pink salt pans which are in used since the days of the Inca Empire. Hats are widely used by men and women living in the Andes and they...

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INDIA | Sheroes Hangout Cafe
FRESH Idea by Pacific World INDIA | Sheroes Hangout Cafe Emotions: Compassion, Daring, Support Values: Understanding, Inspiring, Resilience The Experience Destination: Agra - India Witness how brave women turns from victims to heroes. The Experience: Next time you visit India, dine at the Sheroes Cafè in Agra. The name (she-heroes) derives from an all-girl team of acid attack victims. The purpose of the cafe is to showcase woman empowerment, emulate others to not dwell on their unhappy past and step up to face the modern society. Help raising awareness of their...

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