Giving Back in Camden: London’s Unseen Borough
FRESH Idea by Pacific World Giving Back in Camden: London’s Unseen Borough Emotions: Compassion, Learning, Support Values: Understanding, Awareness, Empathy The Experience Destination: Camden Town, London Supporting Homelessness in London: Art & Music Walking Tour in Camden, London’s Unseen Borough · Explore the historical borough of Camden while supporting employment efforts for people who have previously experienced homelessness. · Camden is the centre of everything creative in London, from music to fashion to art! Let a local guide share first-hand knowledge of the history of contemporary music in Camden,...

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Venue Pick: MONACO | A Magic and Sophisticated Circus
The coolest Venue Pick:  MONACO | A Magic and Sophisticated Circus Handpicked by Corinne della Rocca  | Senior Account Manager Pacific World Monaco What is it? Vintage, elegant, unique... Located in the western district of the Principality of Monaco and reclaimed from the sea, this space will amaze your guests. Espace Fontvieille consists of a tent and a 2000 m² usable esplanade. Since 1986 this cute circus tent is an institution, marking the sustainability of the flagship event for which it was created and designed at the...

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TURKEY | Istanbul: Connect Through Music
FRESH Idea by Pacific World TURKEY | Istanbul: Connect Through Music Emotions: Discovering, Inspiring Values: Culture, Authenticity, Tradition The Experience Destination: Istanbul, Turkey Helping Istanbul’s Displaced Minority Roma through music. · Uncover the community of Roma, known for their unique music and entertainment talents! Possessing the capability in exploring new grounds for entertainment, Roma also preserves their culture. · Their local Music Academy is a way to preserve that culture and help in the development of the children. The Academy also trains and makes connections for kids to perform professionally​.​ · Design a...

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