HONG KONG | The Awakening of Martial Art Hero
FRESH Idea by Pacific World HONG KONG | The Awakening of Martial Art Hero Emotions: Exhilarating. Engaging. Exciting. Values: Justice. Honor. Traditional. The Experience Destination: Hong Kong The Experience: Venue will be set as a stunning movie scene. The famous Bamboo forest in the movie “Crouching Tiger Hidden Fragon”, the front of the Xiao Lin Temple or in the middle of the Forbidden City! Dress up like a Martial Art Hero with different characters: The Martial Art Hero, the waiters, or the Emperor of the Kingdom! Guests will be...

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Venue pick: Germany | Celebrate on water
The coolest Venue pick: Germany | Celebrate on water What is it? A historic bath converted into a unique event location Why we love it? Walk, dance and celebrate on water in a historic bath, a Berlin landmark under monument protection. This former Public Bathhouse is a unique event location for galas, corporate events, meetings, parties and concerts. An imposing and beautifully restored neo-renaissance building offers a historical and architecturally fascinating stage for a memorable event. Recommended for: Seat-down capacity of up to 350...

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IMEX America 2017: Let’s Talk Trends
IMEX America 2017 Let’s talk trends! Are you ready for w new edition of IMEX America? Tradeshows and exhibitions such as IMEX America offer great opportunities for you to discover the state and shape of the meetings, incentives and events industry. Let’s review the key insights and findings during IMEX America last year.  Asia Top Destinations China Thailand Hong Kong Myanmar European Top Destinations Monaco Netherlands Italy  And what about Latin America? Off the beaten track programs at exciting destinations Dominican Republic Peru Insights Meetings and incentive planners are now searching for immersive activities...

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