Immersive gastronomic experience…in Barcelona | Spain

Immersive gastronomic experience…in Barcelona | Spain

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A brand-new concept combining fine gastronomy and cutting-edge technology to create a truly unique experience.

More than a restaurant, this is an gastro-sensory experience where guest can enjoy delicious Catalan dishes while being immersed in the sounds of the sea, stunning projections and animations. A cocktail of amazing elements that will amaze all your senses.

The venue is located under the theatre Liceu (Barcelona Opera House), right on Las Ramblas, the wide avenue that runs from the heart of Barcelona to the beach / port area.

The experience, that speaks about Barcelonan gastronomy, culture, traditions and experiences, was designed and produced by six awarded talents: Franc Aleu

Audiovisual artist, The Roca brothers (Michelin awarded chefs) and Joan Gràcia (actor, director, producer and screen writer).

An area of 950m2/10225ft2 divided into five distinct areas, guests can enjoy different environments combined with matching tapas like dishes. One enters via a narrow hallway with work of arts by the artist Franc Aleu. Absorbed by 3D projections on his art works, displaying Catalan culture and reminiscent of opera theaters.

The experience continues in the different themed spaces where the guests can decide to enjoy fine dishes immersed in amazing projections, enjoy wines from the best Catalan cellars, have a vermouth (typical sweet wine) with views to the Mediterranean sea, enjoy fresh seafood diving into the sea and even support local NGO, ordering food from Barra Solidaria where the most awarded chefs serves their tapas and support children in need.

The full experience could be privatized for your group. Are you tempted to live this experience?

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