HONG KONG | The Fading Culture of Hong Kong

HONG KONG | The Fading Culture of Hong Kong

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FRESH Idea by Pacific World
HONG KONG | The Fading Culture of Hong Kong

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Contribution, gratification

Community. Motivation.

The Experience

Destination: Indonesia

The Experience:

Discover the transitions of Hong Kong living culture.

Let Mr. Chan, a former greengrocer, bring you back to the streets of old habits, in this modern city- Hongkong.

  • While supermarkets has beccome the go-to for shopping nowadays, the traditional “Wet Market” is still remain as the housewife’s favourite place to buy their groceries.

Changing the housing module in one night: The Government then launched the new public housing programme which has helped thousands of families today. Visit to the last remaining single block estate – Mei Ho House to discover the history of this change.

  • Visit the Apliu Flea Market, well known for geek shopping including electronics products, and many more. Find new or secondhand merchanise in this área.

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