“Where cutting edge cities with top class conference hotels and convention centres coexist with small picturesque towns, medieval castles and Roman amphitheatres”.


Germany offers an incredible journey of diverse experiences for meetings, incentives, conferences and events. Stretching from the Baltic beaches of the north through stunning forested landscapes of lakes and rivers, picturesque historic towns and grand cosmopolitan cities, to the Alps in the south, Germany delivers quality, variety, value for money and more culture than anyone could cover in a lifetime.

The largest cities are: Berlin, the capital; Hamburg, the marine harbour city of the north; and Munich, the capital of Bavaria and home of the famous beer festival, in the south, near the Alps. All are excellent meeting and incentive destinations, alongside Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Dresden and Leipzig, and many destinations beyond.

Berlin almost deserves a chapter of its own – edgy, hip and full of history. In the words of some of the world’s greatest stars:

“Berlin is a pulsing, exciting city with so many varied and distinctive neighborhoods, iconic history… great food at all levels and from every corner of the world …” (R.E.M. on recording their 2010 album in Berlin)

 “Berlin – the greatest cultural extravaganza that one could imagine.” (David Bowie on Berlin in the Seventies) 

Consistently ranked highly as a global MICE destination, Germany offers excellent infrastructure, high quality products and services, excellent value for money and a vast choice of destinations for conferences, incentives and events.

With excellent access globally and within Europe, Germany has over 40 airports and an extensive and efficient road and rail network that makes it very functional to get to and get around. Conferences with a global attendance should strategically consider Germany for this reason alone – high attendance will be driven by ease of access – whilst there is an excellent range of choice for pre and post conference touring and multi-destination incentive itineraries.

Heritage towns with unique festivals and regional cuisine contrast cosmopolitan cities with eclectic dining experiences, which will have your delegates enjoying haute cuisine at Michelin star restaurants, beer and sausage tasting at traditional Beer Kellers or exploring street food at its best on a guided food truck journey.  Incentives benefit from city and beach or city and mountain experiences with stunning rural countryside and fabulous hotels in between. Automotive companies in particular enjoy fabulous driving experiences to reward high achieving staff and channel partners.

Germany’s meeting and event venues are as varied as its locations. Conference in a castle, a warehouse or a state-of-the art, ‘green’ convention centre. Historic castles create elegant gala settings whilst hipster warehouse venues that are fantastic for cocktails, fashion shows or product launches.

Events in Germany are always innovative and the country is very proud of its unique approach to sustainable meetings. Clients with this top of mind will find a wealth of choice for sustainable meeting venues in Germany.

Germany offers history, art and culture alongside fun and high adrenaline activities, and Pacific World Germany prides itself on working with clients to find the right destination, programme and venue to perfectly meet the brief. Ahead of the game when it comes to new hotels, venues and activities, every team member loves to trend scout as part of their job, and approaches each event creatively, while never losing sight of deadlines and efficiency.”

Germany is appealing to:


Companies participating in an international fair

Home to some of the most famous industry fairs, organise a conference in Germany to coincide. Access is easy for all participants, with Germany being one of the most accessible countries in Europe.

Conferences that like to include a green aspect

Germany’s hallmarks are innovation, sustainability and environmental awareness. Easily accessible venues, eco-friendly transport and sustainably run congress centres and hotels await.


Incentives seeking to discover one of Europe’s most exciting capitals

Berlin is very on-trend and stands out as a unique reward for top achievers with its fascinating mix of culture and cuisine.

High energy multi-destination incentive itineraries to surprise

Whether it’s the Munich Beer Festival, club culture in Berlin, driving the famous “Nürburgring” race track without speed limit, combine any number of Germany’s incredible locations for surprising, creative incentive itineraries.


Clients that want to create an event in a unique historic venue

Stage a gala dinner at one of Germany’s 20,000 castles or many heritage museums or create an Oktoberfest (beer festival) party including traditional music and costumes. Germany offers a multitude of alternative event venues for spectacular celebrations.

Clients that associate with high fashion, seeking contemporary event venues

Berlin draws a young, fashionable crowd and offers numerous edgy event venues. Throw a party in a trendy former factory to open up perspectives and motivate a team inspired by contemporary culture.

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