Gaudi before Gaudi | Pacific World Signature Event

Gaudi before Gaudi | Pacific World Signature Event

  • 30 Jan Off

Gaudi before Gaudi: Pacific World Signature Event

A stunning city. An exclusive venue…
A unique opportunity to discover and live new experiences… in Barcelona

Interactive catering with creative touch, amazing historic spaces, inspiring ambience, a holistic experience.

Gaudi before Gaudi was the first event hosted at this architectural masterpiece, his first creation, his manifesto house that opened its doors to a corporate event for the first time ever.

An unforgettable evening where the Pacific World team surprised their top clients and partners in Barcelona during ibtm world.


After being welcomed by a very peculiar architect, restorers and guides who were specially trained for the occasion shared their anecdotes and experiences during the refurbishment of the house.

Fine dishes were designed according to each specific floor of the house and served during the private visit. A holistic experience was created by blending the gastronomy with the rich and colourful wall decorations.

To top off the evening, a cocktail party was hosted on the second floor of the house. As different dishes featuring flowers, fruits and natural ingredients were served, guests were encouraged to play an interactive game by looking for hidden messages on their desserts to unveil key messages and various prizes.

An event designed by Pacific World Barcelona and hosted in collaboration with Marina Bay Sands.

It was wonderful to follow each step of the refurbishment from the very beginning and see how this cosy house turned into the stunning venue it is today.


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