FRESH Idea: An underground adventure…in Lisbon

FRESH Idea: An underground adventure…in Lisbon

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FRESH Idea by Pacific World
An underground adventure…in Lisbon

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The Experience

Destination: Lisbon

An underground artistic experience for those interested in discovering hidden places and see a destination from a different perspective.

Lisbon…beautiful, open and warm, a charming capital with much more to offer than gastronomy, Fado and architecture. The Portuguese capital is also modern, trendy, underground and cultural.

Are you sure you know where to find art in Lisbon? The city’s streets are an open-air museum, full of ephemeral creations that change faster than the wind!

Street art is an important movement in Lisbon. Get ready for a journey off the beaten track!
Guided by an urban local artist, you will discover authentic street art masterpieces while immersing in the city’s underground culture.

You will have the opportunity to learn more about street underground artists and their background, the history of the places that they are found in, the origin and techniques used. Let yourself be amazed looking at the spectacular murals of well-known artists such as C215, Blue, Os Gameos who decorate the façades while hearing about the birth of this movement in Portugal and its motivations.

The experience continues at one of the main underground cultural platforms in Lisbon.

Time for action!

After a brief explanation about how to create a graffiti and a mural, each team will design their own, based on their inspiration, creativeness and influences… a beautiful activity that will entail a productive brainstorming to identify their values, dreams and hopes as a group and then turn them into a piece of art.

The day will end with a cocktail party at one of the coolest and yet to be discovered venues of Lisbon: the VUL (Village Underground Lisbon).

An inspiring cultural center where old containers were transformed into offices and artists co-work, an open air space where a DJ will play while street artists (fire eaters, jugglers, etc) perform…

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