FRANCE | Bordeaux, different

FRANCE | Bordeaux, different

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FRESH Idea by Pacific World
FRANCE | Bordeaux, different


Inspiration, curiosity, satisfaction

Community, diversity

The Experience

Destination: Bordeaux, France

All the means are good to discover Bordeaux!

The Experience:

The means that we will use bikes, taxi, tramway, rickshaw… With passes to access where few can get in, your guests will be given the secret addresses to meet exceptional local personalities or taste divine specialties! Unique visits guaranteed !

The concept: following a red thread, the guests will discover Bordeaux in small parties. Each of them will draw a theme and for an 1.5hr, accompanied by their personal guide, they will follow the themed route. At the end, they will all meet in a surprising place to share an enjoyable bordelese meal.

The routes: whether they walk on the roof tops of historical and private sites, meet famous local personalities in their usual environment (a painter in his studio, a chef in his kitchen, a rugby player in a stadium,…), discover the backstage of the city to know more about its charm (a private hotel, a route du vin with amazing tastings along the way…), the guests will go back home with life-time memories!

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