“An extraordinary variety of meeting options and incentive activities that tap into both cosmopolitan indulgence and Middle Eastern traditions”.


A glistening cityscape flanked by satiny dunes and immense beaches, Dubai is a veritable oasis and global events hub that is easily accessed from almost anywhere in the world.

Dubai offers pristine beaches, 365 days of sunshine, desert adventures and an extraordinary variety of activities that tap into both cosmopolitan indulgence and Middle Eastern traditions. Dine in the shadows of the world’s tallest building, or underneath an aquarium; stay in luxury on an island shaped like a palm tree, or in a billowing desert camp; ride the sand dunes on a camel train, in a jeep or, on a boogie board or a Harley; cook up an elaborate Arabian feast with spices from the Souq or charter a private super yacht for a sunset dinner.

Firmly established as an incredible and surprising conference and incentive destination, Dubai’s hosting of  World Expo in 2020 will no doubt give rise to yet more novelty, variety, incredulity and luxury to inspire  delegates and reward top achievers.

“In less than 50 years Dubai has masterminded its incredible transformation from a Bedouin Arab desert state into one of the most important trading hubs and MICE destinations in the world.

It is the home of ‘world’s best/biggest/first’ and is a place where ‘no’ doesn’t appear in the vocabulary. If Dubai doesn’t do it already, it soon will, the upshot of which is that the numerous activities and venues continue to multiply and improve – if you even thought that was possible. Series MICE events are therefore popular in Dubai as there is always something new to experience.

Global conferences for finance and petroleum are naturally big business in Dubai and companies across many industries like to associate with Dubai, for its symbolism of power, strength, wealth, opulence and ambition – a great motivator for delegates. Luxury goods companies in particular enjoy the brand association Dubai offers for conferences and incentives, with high end automotive companies often choosing to reward staff and dealers with the world’s best hotels, dining and desert driving experiences.

In the UAE, the Pacific World team has significant experience handling MICE business from all over the world delivering bespoke itineraries to participants from every business segment.

The Pacific World Dubai team will work with you to plan the most extraordinary of experiences – a meeting amidst the majestic sand dunes or at the Burj Al Arab, the most luxurious hotel in the world; a friendly game of camel polo or a night cruise through the desert on a Harley Davidson; a conference in a car park in an air-conditioned marquee; a dinner on one of the private islands on ‘The World’ or on the terraces of the Dubai Creek Golf Club with views of the city skyline. If there’s a more awesome venue, experience or activity they’ll find it – Dubai is such a world of opportunity for MICE events.”

Dubai is appealing to:


Global technology, scientific and medical conferences

Dubai is a growing knowledge hub with a significant number of universities and research centres paving the way for future advancements, providing inspiration and a captive audience for conferences.

Large scale events with multinational attendance

Globally connected by an enormous reach of direct flights, Dubai is strategically located amidst Asia, Africa and Europe, has largely visa-free entry, up to 100,000 hotels rooms and high calibre meeting facilities.


Incentives with a sporting interest

Dubai is a major player in the international sports scene, hosting world class events such as Desert Class (PGA tour) Dubai World Cup (horse racing), Dubai Open (tennis) and of course the Dubai Rugby Sevens – all perfect incentives.

High end incentives for luxury goods companies

Fashion, perfume, cosmetics, etc. enjoy brand alignment in Dubai’s exceptionally high quality product for hotels, transport, dining, etc. Automotive incentives and roadshows also especially enjoy off-road driving events in the desert.


Special events that need to be very very special

Nowhere offers glitz and glamour like Dubai, so if your event has a key anniversary to celebrate or a major merger, put on a show in Dubai, with the backdrop of the tallest building and fountain in the world!

Events that like to surprise

Combining Dubai’s city activities with the tranquil beach resorts of The Palm, dune buggying and splendid Bedouin dinners in the desert, camel riding and indoor skiing! You couldn’t get more impossibilities in one place.

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