Dubai | See the Future, Create the Future

Dubai | See the Future, Create the Future

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FRESH Idea by Pacific World
UAE – Dubai | See the Future, Create The Future

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The Experience

Destination: Dubai

The Experience:

  • Shaping the future and making it is no longer a theoretical concept but a key factor for countries to achieve competitiveness in the global arena. “The future is not built on possibilities and numbers but on clarity of vision, planning, action and implementation.
  • Dubai Future Foundation plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of Dubai along aside the launch of Dubai Future Agenda as a roadmap for the Foundation to shape the future of the strategic sectors in the medium and long term in cooperation with government and private sector entities.
  • Presentation by worldwide startups on new on-going projects and concepts currently being developed for the future
  • Witness the first 3D printed house in the Middle East.


The Museum of the Future at the 2016 World Government Summit is a project by the Dubai Museum of the Future, the Prime Minister’s Office of the United Arab Emirates, and the UAE telecommunications giant du. It was led by Mr. Saif Al Aleeli and Dr. Noah Raford, and was directed by the global design firm Tellart, with the support of an international team of top partners including Marshmallow Laser Feast, SOFTlab, Idee und Klang, Lust, Octo, Blue Zoo Animation, and Fantazm. The onsite build and installation was done in collaboration with Projex, Neumann Müller, and PublicisLive. Foresight research and workshop facilitation were performed by Scott Smith (Changeist) and Stuart Candy (OCAD). Photography by Silvia Boschiero. Photo by: Tellart.

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