THAILAND: Diamond in the rough

THAILAND: Diamond in the rough

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FRESH Idea by Pacific World
Diamond in the rough

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Gratification, Compassion, Kindness

Compassion, Adaptability, Positivity

The Experience

Destination: Thailand

Savour the taste of Thailand in the heart of Bangkok’s largest Slum

Learning the secrets of Thai food in the heart of Bangkok’s Largest Slum

This class is led by Khun Chompoo, the resident chef. Representing a remarkable model of success and positivity in an often stark and complex landscape of poverty and hardship, Khun Chompoo has trained up a stellar team of fellow residents. She was even on Jamie Oliver’s food tube!

Cooking a Thai Lunch in which you will both enjoy, and offer to the underprivileged children living in the slum.

The cooking class and Lunch takes place in the grounds of a temple – how many times in your life will you dine in a Buddhist monastery?

After the class, you will receive a farewell give “ the bead of love” that is handmade by women & girls from the local community.

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