Special Report: Most Demanded Destinations in 2018

Special Report: Most Demanded Destinations in 2018

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Special Report
Pacific World Predicts 2018’s Most Demanded Destinations 

How does a destination succeed?

“Successful destinations have been able to surprise with unique experiences; they have reinvented themselves or have worked to generate interest beyond the already known cities or places”, said Patricia Silvio, Global Marketing Manager of Pacific World. “This is particularly true for destinations in Spain, Hong Kong, France or China”.

Initiatives from local Conventions Bureaus combined with creative marketing campaigns and promotions by Event Management and Destination Management Companies are key to create “buzz” about the destination”.

The key MICE players are also working together to engage new audiences. Their strategies of capturing different demographics through a variety of channels is effective. Convention Bureaus, hotels chains, venues…are now also active on Social Media, organizing more targeted campaigns and collaborating with industry bloggers and influencers.

“We continue to see a growing interest for off the beaten track programs and destinations. These continue to be a strong draw”, confirm Silvio. “While already established destinations are still preferred, the demand to live really unique experiences is also high and being demanded regularly. This can mean visiting remote places, engaging with local people and be captivated by their stories in a more dynamic way, enjoying the unexpected, or conveying the feeling of being the first person to have this specific experience”.

“For years, planners have been looking for rooms capacity and connectivity when choosing a destination. Now we need to add the experience and the impact that this experience generate in each one of the guests as one of the most important factors when selecting a destination. The experience is the key to every incentive, corporate event or meeting, and sometimes is more important that traditional factors such as infrastructure, connectivity, among others”.

Curious about what are the most demanded destinations for 2018?


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